Chardonnay vinegar, shallot, cream

Crunchy Korean fried, kimchi aioli 




Steamed custard, bacon vinaigrette, toast - $12

Grilled pumpkin, coconut kefir, green apple, crispy shallots, lime pickle, seeds - $18

Confit duck, barley porridge, yuzu kosho, shiitake, pickled red cabbage, egg yolk - $20

Smoked freshwater eel, pickled shiitake, celeriac, shiitake miso broth - $19

Smoked venison tataki, slow-roasted tomato, honey truffle dressing, kimchi aioli, greens - $20



Cloudy Bay clams, pork broth, nduja, grilled bread - $28

Fried rice, kale, ginger, kimchi, sesame, peanuts, a fried egg - $20

- add pork - $28
- add smoked fish - $28

House made paneer, fried tofu, carrot, coconut, hazelnuts, fenugreek, grilled spring onions - $28

Seaweed butter poached fish, beluga lentils, asparagus, lime, pickled daikon - $30

Miso and chipotle marinated skirt steak, duck fat potatoes, chimichurri - $35

Grilled half chicken, BBQ glaze, kumara, tasso ham, spring greens - $55



Chargrilled flat bread, whipped confit garlic butter - $9

Duck fat potatoes, kimchi aioli - $10

Asparagus, pickled gooseberries, Drunken Nanny goat’s cheese, lime dressing - $10



Creamy blue cheese, Millton grape jelly, quince syrup, fermented raisins, oat cracker - $14

Lime posset, olive oil sponge, lavender gin jelly, sorrel - $12

Dark chocolate ganache, orange cocoa nib marmalade, smoked mandarin, sesame tuille - $16

Doughnut of the day – ask your server about today’s flavour - $10